Striped Stroll

On The Outfit: LA (including any events in Beverly Hills or Hollywood) is generally very casual. On any given day, you will have seen me forego my plethora of high heels all nicely organized in my closet but a sensible flat. Venice is the most casual place on the planet. It's hard to even justify wearing something more than a wedge out at night but frankly, the ingrained New Yorker won't allow me to wear flats past sunset. I'm barely 5' 2" for fuck sake. I'm wearing heels. Anyway, my handmade sandals from Capri get quite the work out around town. Crop tops aren't a trend here but a way of life and baggier boyfriend jeans are always more comfortable. I recently read that the skinny jean is on it's way out which makes sense with coulettes all over the Fall runways. I can totally appreciate not wanting to be stuffed like a sausage into a piece of denim. 

On My Mind: My mind is filled with more thoughts than I can explain on a piece of paper or contain in a single blog post. Let's just say, I'm here for a life of passion and adventure and I'm going to find just that. Besides, I feel as though I've given plenty of my thoughts to those around me lately. Today, is for finishing my work, going to the gym (I suppose that is work), skating with friends, and seeing where the day takes me. La Bella Vita.  

Top: Zara Jeans: Joe's Jeans Shoes: Handmade in Capri Sunglasses: Rayban

Top: Zara Jeans: Joe's Jeans Shoes: Handmade in Capri Sunglasses: Rayban


The Photos: I worked with photographer Kara Cooper to create a mini Look Book for Deconstructed Designs. Deconstructed Designs makes amazing body jewelry. The are like wearable art. My friend, Kelly Young, is the designer behind these amazing pieces and I had such an amazing time on set with them. It's always a fun shoot when you can listen to Beyonce and Shakira during it. Here are a few shots. 


On My Mind: I wish my eyes could take photos. If they could take a photo, I would have taken over 1,000 that day.

I would have taken a photo of you and your tea cups and the way your hands looked when you poured it, as if it was some kind of craft, like wood working. I would have taken a photo of the two towels hanging on the rail knowing you were considerate enough to remember one for me. Standing in your bike room and you framed in the doorway as we agreed you're a douche bag.

Mostly, I would have wasted all my film on you. The way you weren't afraid to look me in the eye when we kissed passionately. I would want that to remember that you didn't fear that intimacy or being lost in that infinite moment.


oments are fleeting.  Nothing is everlasting and it may never repeat. It may never mean a thing and it could certainly be romanticized to the point where I ruin it all. When someone doesn't want something, they generally mean it. But I still regret what I said what I said about my feeling for him when I left the car. It was just to scare you off. So, we would just be left with photographs and the hope that your instinctive habit of obsession favors me, my laugh, my hair, the curves of my body, my touch,my kindness, my tenderness, my heart on my sleeve, my scent, my sense of humor, sense of self, and "mythical beauty". 

But, just like another photo I would have taken, it can never be because it never was... 

Home is Where the Succulents Are...

On The Outfit: I love really easy sundresses. I love casual sweater. I would explain all the reasons this outfit works but it's actually just comfortable. I threw this on so it's not about style. It's about easy pieces that fall together to make you look cute even on your off days.

On My Mind: Yesterday I was with a friend who asked me if I was going to write about him. I said no. The truth is that I write about people all the time. Today, I wanted to write about something that's been on my mind which is love and passion without any real strings. While I am not going to write about my friends I do want to write about two people whom we feel passionate about, Henry Miller and Anais Nin. They had the most passionate, romantic, and crazy relationship though they were both married. They knew what they had though. It was magic in some ways. They could be in love and crazy passionate towards each other without any attachment. Maybe that's how things stay crazy passionate and insanely in love. 

Here are a sample of their letters:

To Anais: Don't expect me to be sane anymore. Don't let's be sensible. It was a marriage at Louveciennes—you can't dispute it. I came away with pieces of you sticking to me; I am walking about, swimming, in an ocean of blood, your Andalusian blood, distilled and poisonous. Everything I do and say and think relates back to the marriage. I saw you as the mistress of your home, a Moor with a heavy face, a negress with a white body, eyes all over your skin, woman, woman, woman. I can't see how I can go on living away from you—these intermissions are death. How did it seem to you when Hugo came back? Was I still there? I can't picture you moving about with him as you did with me. Legs closed. Frailty. Sweet, treacherous acquiescence. Bird docility. You became a woman with me. I was almost terrified by it. You are not just thirty years old—you are a thousand years old....

....Anais, I only thought I loved you before; it was nothing like this certainty that's in me now. Was all this so wonderful only because it was brief and stolen? Were we acting for each other, to each other? Was I less I, or more I, and you less or more you? Is it madness to believe that this could go on? When and where would the drab moments begin? I study you so much to discover the possible flaws, the weak points, the danger zones. I don't find them—not any. That means I am in love, blind, blind. To be blind forever! (Now they're singing "Heaven and Ocean" from La Gioconda.)

Dress & Sweater: H&M Shoes: Soludos Crazy Hair: Natural

Dress & Sweater: H&M Shoes: Soludos Crazy Hair: Natural